VIDEO: Behind the wall, Disney Springs is a town with a rich history — crafted entirely from scratch

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Let me get this out of the way first — Disney Springs is not just Downtown Disney with a fresh coat of paint. It’s not even a reimagining of Downtown Disney. What Imagineers have done is craft an entire town from scratch and fabricated a rich history dating all the way back to 1850.


As with all things Disney, it starts with a story: Back in the 1850s, settlers in Florida stumbled upon a beautiful spring and decided to colonize around it, building cottages and eventually a giant town square to add a little majesty to the oasis. Jump to 2016, and the town has prospered into a lush paradise filled with tons of stores and restaurants for everyone to enjoy.


I got a full look behind the wall of the new Disney Springs Town Center (no pictures or video were allowed), and was completely floored by the grandeur of a living, breathing town. Construction was obviously heavy, but the fruits of their labor were very evident. The town looked lived in: the wood on some buildings were half one color, half another, as some cottages turned from living quarters into prosperous restaurants (this was so generations of families who grew up in Disney Springs could make a living). Few things in the Walt Disney World Resort are rife with such a comfortable, cozy backstory.

Walking between the tall buildings felt like a big hug. Immersion that only a crack shot Imagineering could provide.

Check out our interview with a Disney ambassador for more information on the wonderful new addition to the WDW family. Today’s tour made a believer out of me, and this summer, I guarantee you will be too:

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