VIDEO: Autopia re-opens with shiny new paint job, Honda sponsorship at Disneyland

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Autopia is one of the few remaining large-scale attractions from opening day at Disneyland that are still in operation, and though it has undergone several major revamps over the years, it remains a popular attraction for kids of all ages who love getting behind the wheel.

The ride was one of many to be shut down in January for refurbishment this year, and then last month the park announced a reopening date of April 29th, along with a brand-new sponsorship by Honda, the company that already provided the motors for the gas-powered vehicles.

Along with today’s launch of the rebranding comes a shiny new paint job for the queue area and some of the cars, plus a new retro-futuristic video that plays on the screens while guests wait to board.


It’s a great new look for the long-beloved attraction, but the feel of the ride remains essentially the same. It’s good to know this is one classic that won’t be going away anytime soon.


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