SeaWorld San Diego officially cancels plans for $100 million orca tank expansion

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In a letter to the California Coastal Commission this week, SeaWorld San Diego has officially confirmed that they no longer have intentions to enlarge the killer whale tanks at its San Diego park. The project was originally called “Blue World”.

This is huge news, especially considering the $100 million proposal that was confirmed. But it looks like all that is out the window now, considering it was commissioned to stop all orca breeding. The park has since sued the Commission, stating that they have no legal power to make such a decision. It’s all very muddy, but I’m sure animal rights activists are having a field day (I know our commenters will).

“This letter serves as SeaWorld San Diego’s formal withdrawal of coastal development permit Application 6-15-0424 for the Blue World orca habitat expansion,” reads the letter sent Monday to the commission. “Closing the Blue World application file at this time means SeaWorld’s legal challenge to the proposed project conditions no longer is warranted. SeaWorld counsel soon will contact Coastal Commission counsel to discuss dismissal of the pending litigation.”

Given the fact that SeaWorld now has $100 million lying around, they have promised that they will be dedicating that money towards new attractions and the growth of the park. I’m very interested in seeing how this situation plays out, given the fact that the company has been in an uphill struggle against multiple activists and organizations since the release of the film Blackfish back in 2013.

So what do you all think of this new development and the cancelling of the Blue World project? Let me know what you think in the comments below — and keep it classy.

in Park Secrets, SeaWorld, Theme Parks

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