PHOTOS: Writer’s Stop at Disney’s Hollywood Studios remains open, makes changes to menu

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When Streets of America closed on April 2nd, many feared that the popular coffee shop/book store Writer’s Stop would follow suit. But the little corner cafe remains open — although with some changes. The shop is now marketed as a lounge to its next door neighbor the Sci-Fi Diner and has received some menu changes. Gone are the days of coffee breaks with a famous carrot cake cookie.

The menu now instead features appetizers like pretzels and a charcuterie board and now also serves alcohol. The future of the Writer’s Stop is still uncertain but you can at least still take a break in one of their comfy sofas and look through a Disney book.











  1. Greg

    I never knew this even existed.

    1. EricJ

      It’s a remnant of the old ABC Soundstages area–
      All those camera lights and that soundstage door are supposed to make you feel as if you just walked onto the coffee-shop bookstore set of “Ellen”.

      (….Back when that was still running.)

  2. Tim

    It was better 4 or more years ago, more “comfy” seats, less food items and more books.. But glad they kept it, great break spot midday in summer.

  3. Laura

    Glad I got a carrot cake cookie on my last trip! Hopefully if the shop sticks around after the construction’s over they’ll bring it back!

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