New Toy Story Land concept artwork shows tweaks to the original plans at Walt Disney World

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When Toy Story Land was announced at the D23 Expo last year we also got our first look at some of the concept artwork for the new land. With Streets of America construction walls popping up at Disney’s Hollywood Studios this past weekend we once again got a glimpse of what is to come, though with some changes.


The biggest change that seems to have happened is to the Slinky Dog roller coaster that suddenly got a modified track layout. In the original concept artwork you could see the coaster go through a much more advanced track filled with rock work, trenches and props. As you can see in the new concept artwork we seem to have lost most of that, either because plans change or possibly because imagineers are trying to lower guest expectations.


In the left hand corner of the new concept artwork we can also spot a glimpse of the upcoming Star Wars Land. This may give us an idea to how expansive that land will be at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


  1. EricJ

    Remember the FIRST New Fantasyland concept arts, where Cindy’s chateau and Briar Rose’s cottage stood where the Mine Train stand today? (Good thing they didn’t hitch their wagon to the Belle’s-storytelling attraction as the main draw of the park.)
    Cooler park heads thought there wasn’t enough for a balanced park crowd to “do”, and the plans evolved into the Princess Hall and the Mine Train.

    Toy Story Land was announced right in the self-congratulatory heat of the mania for Toy Story’s 20th anniversary and the Toy Story areas at the China parks, and like the princess meets, seems like they were putting too much temporarily-excited stock in ONE idea that should have been toned back a bit.
    A Pixar Land would have perfect, but unlike New Fantasyland, this one started the bulldozers without the benefit of a few months’ second-drafts.

  2. Victoria

    Will Pizza Planet be in the new Toy Story land area?

    1. A1anne

      Hope so

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