New interactive “The Twilight Zone” series will meld the classic sci-fi TV show with a video game sensibility

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Image Copright 2016 Interlude / CBS.

Picture if you will… a brand-new relaunch of the classic mind-bending 1950s-60s science fiction anthology series “The Twilight Zone,” but with an interactive twist that will allow viewers to determine the course and outcome of the stories.

That’s what the multimedia company Interlude is planning, in partership with “Twilight Zone” copyright holder CBS. As reported by entertainment new entity The Wrap, a pilot for the new series will be written and directed by Ken Levine, creator of the massively-popular “Bioshock” video game franchise.

The new “Twilight Zone” will honor the original series’ approach but will add the twist of letting the viewer “change and adapt the story based on what he or she feels,” the companies said. “As with all other Interlude videos, viewers can return repeatedly and have a different viewing experience each time.”

Interlude is currently best known for its similarly-interactive Bob Dylan video for “Like a Rolling Stone,” but the company is also developing an experience based on the popular 1983 Matthew Broderick film “WarGames.”

No word on when “The Twilight Zone” interactive reboot will become available to consumers, but rest assured it will be highly anticipated.


  1. Tom JK

    I really hope this is for new ideas, because there are classic episodes that don’t need much interaction, or depending on the viewer, a change in the endings. Certain ones like “Time Enough, At Last” don’t need alternate endings.

  2. EricJ

    Levine talks about the original episodes being “moral fables”, but then we’re back to the Weird Stuff and Twist Endings that everyone only remembered from the show back when the marketing was in full swing over Spielberg’s 80’s movie.
    (Which came out the same year as Matthew Broderick’s WarGames.)

    I was a raging Serling fan back when our local station used to show the eps as a kid, just because of the moral karma.
    Mention TZ to me and I don’t think Time Enough at Last, I think The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street–You know the ending that’s coming, but it’s still heavy stuff getting there. 🙂

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