New FastPass+ options at Walt Disney World greatly improve My Disney Experience app

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As some of you park-going rock stars may already know, Walt Disney World launched a major update to its FastPass+ service on Sunday for added flexibility and simplicity, along with a much-needed update to the My Disney Experience app.


That’s right, guests no longer have to deal with the old “pick 3” process when scheduling their FastPass+ lineup! You basically start by picking members of your FastPass+ party, and then select your park. You then select a timeframe and date (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, specific time, etc). Then, you just select your adventure from a list of attractions and time slots. Boom! Easier than ever!

Obviously, the limit of three FastPass+ selections at a single park, per day, hasn’t changed.


The updates to the app also allows guests to choose additional FastPass+ experiences in My Disney Experience once the initial three have been used, with fourth becoming available once the first three have been used. Rinse and repeat. This used to only be available at a kiosk in the park, so it’s a welcome addition.

Disney has released a video explaining the new changes…

…and breaks it down like this:

Guests can choose individual FastPass+ experiences and times. You can now select available experiences one by one for the times that best meet your needs for a more customized selection.

Guests are able to make one, two or three advance FastPass+ selections. You will continue to be able to make up to three FastPass+ selections in advance. However, if you’d like to be able to select just one or two, you are now able to do that, too.

Guests can make an additional FastPass+ selection via MyDisneyExperience after redeeming the first three. You are now able to make selections for an additional FastPass+ on the MyDisneyExperience mobile app, in addition to the FastPass+ kiosks located throughout the parks. Once you’ve used the fourth FastPass+ selection, you are able to select another, and so on — all on the go.

Check out some more images of the update below, and for all things Disney, stay glued to Inside the Magic!






  1. Julie Latendresse

    After the 3 FP are done, are we able to add 1 by 1 another FP for the rest of the day. a 4th and 5th one on MyDisneyExperience ?

    1. William

      Once your original 3 are completed, you can add an additional FP selection. Once that one is complete you can add another one. Basically one at a time once the original 3 are completed.

    2. Romo Ruz

      I think the third, fourth, fifth and so on, are not available in the app. I had to do it in the kiosks. Lucky for me, I went in September and the lines were almost non existent.

  2. Crystal

    Since we no longer have to make the minimum of 3 Fastpass reservations prior to the trip, are we still able to reserve more Fastpasses via the app from the park? For instance, I only made 2 Fastpass reservations for a morning at Epcot, because we will be going to Hollywood Studios that evening (and I hate to waste a Fastpass that someone else could really use) – will we be be able to make additional Fastpasses after the first 2 are used?

    1. Romo Ruz

      I asked the same question yesterday when I called to make a dining reservation. The Cast Member said I have to make the 3 FP reservations, use them then I can go to any other park and get other Fast Pass. And once I use the fourth I can go and get the fifth and so on. They are working on how to give choices to park hopper users.

      In my trip last year, I used two of my 3 FP in Animal Kingdom, then went to Epcot, wfhere I had a difficult time getting a FP because I still had one FP pending, even when the time had pass. A Cast Member had to call a supervisor to get instructions.

    2. S. Hanna

      I agree, selecting 3 FP knowing only 2 will be used is a waste & Disney IT should be able to rectify that immediately however if you go to a kiosk after using the ones you want they can edit the 3rd FP (even if you are now at a different park) and then after that is used you can add the next one by one.

  3. S. Hanna

    I look forward to the addition of selecting your first 3 FP reservations at different parks.

  4. Josh

    Is there anywhere to get the theme park photos in the ‘Select a Theme Park’ as desktop/iOS wallpaper?

  5. Lori

    Not much left to choose from after the original 3….we spent monday am at AK and used all 3 by 3pm…when looking for a pm park to choose to hoop to we found that all fp’s were gone except for muppetvision in HS. I wouldnt want to go back to paper tickets but i can remember getting fp’s for some good rides in the PM but these days not so much….big thumbs down for Disney not holding some fp’s out for later in the day! It makes it pretty pointless to allow more than 3 if none are available anyway!

    1. Lori

      Sorry hop…not hoop….darn autocorrect!

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