Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant re-opens after lengthy refurbishment at Knott’s Berry Farm

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Image Copyright Knott's Berry Farm

Since 1934, the Knott family has been operating a chicken dinner restaurant on the site of their world-famous berry farm in Buena Park, California. Cordelia Knott, wife of boysenberry cultivator Walter Knott, launched and oversaw the restaurant in its early years, resulting in the name “Mrs. Knott’s.”

The Knott’s Berry Farm and Ghost Town attractions surrounding it have been expanded and upgraded throughout the years, but the restaurant remains, though it too has seen its share of expansion.

A couple months ago I was able to visit the park for a tour of the current refurbishment during a a preview of this summer’s upcoming “Ghost Town Alive!” interactive event. Now that phase of refurbishment is over, and the restaurant is open for business once again!


From the Knott’s Berry Farm official website:

Throughout the restaurant’s four main dining rooms and two banquet rooms, all furniture, flooring, lighting, and décor has been renovated. The large dining room to the right of the main entrance has been remodeled with a look inspired by Mrs. Knott’s kitchen pantry, as the room is adorned with a potbelly stove and nods to Cordelia’s home kitchen, evoking themes of warmth, family, and togetherness. The main dining room, accessible from the courtyard entrance is divided into two smaller dining rooms, with a theme inspired by farmhouse motifs.

For the first time, a new outdoor seating area on the restaurant’s north side allows guests to dine al fresco with beautiful and unique views of the Marketplace fountain, the theme park’s Ghost Town, and the newly restored GhostRider roller coaster.

Knott’s Berry Farm fans will be thrilled to have the park’s main dining attraction back, and to get another taste of that wonderful fried chicken.

“Reservations are available for parties of 12 or more based on availability at least 24 hours in advance. Call for more information – 714-220-5055.”

Image Copyright Knotts Berry Farm.
Image Copyright Knotts Berry Farm.


  1. Morse

    Do you have senior specials and what are your prices now?

  2. Morse

    Yes. Just called and no senior specials and $21.99 plus tax is too high for seniors. Not even serving breakfast like they used to either.

    1. Uncle Mike

      Russ Knibbs, VP of food at KBF, said they’ll be adding the breakfast menu again in a few weeks.

  3. Patience Malone

    Ugh!!! There food is garbage. Close it down indifently please

    1. Minorkle

      I must love garbage because I really like the food. I do miss the Senior buffet. Us old people want our “garbage “

  4. Francisco Aguilar

    For years when my kids were young, I stopped at the Knotts Berry Chicken restaurant for a chicken dinner. Now oldest is 50 years ole, but we still stopped on our way to San Diego and had a dinner which was delicious. On our way again to San Diego April 21st, my wife and I decided to take a bucket of chicken to one of our sons and share our chicken dinner. First thing they forgot to give us the pie we ordered, then I decided to taste the chicken, mash potatoes, buns. They were the worse I have ever had anywhere. Buns tasted like they were cooked on a mufflers with that flavor, the check looked funny and tasted worse, the chicken smelled like it had been left out for a long time then cooked. Mash potatoes were as hard as rock. The only good thing in the package was the jelly. I guess this ends our stops at Knotts Berry Farm for chicken dinners. #1749979 Freedy, Ck# 9664, 12:30PM

  5. Francisco Aguilar

    What happen to your chicken dinners? Worse I ever tasted and will never stop there again. I misspelled chicken above (check).

  6. Minorkle

    I miss the senior buffet. I can’t afford the regular prices.

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