Manatee Rehabilitation area now open at SeaWorld Orlando

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Time to get up close and personal with some sea cows!

Over time, SeaWorld Orlando has focused more and more on their animal rehab activity. The newest addition to this being a section named Manatee Rehabilitation, where visitors will be able to see the treatment used to put injured or sick manatees back into their natural habitat. This is a really good opportunity for guests to see the kind of loving care that the park offers.

“You can watch us medically treat the animals. You can see us tube feed,” J.P. Peterson, supervisor of animal care, told Orlando Sentinel on Wednesday. “You can get up-close to an animal that maybe came in yesterday, that’s in a critical state.”

Sounds like pretty special place, right? Sometimes we take for granted just how much work goes into the healing of aquatic life, and I think it’s wonderful that SeaWorld is bringing this kind of thing to the forefront.

The entrance to the Manatee Rehabilitation is located near the exit of the Turtle Trek attraction, and guests can stroll over to an outdoor medical facility with two 30-foot by 30-foot pools — one is a holding area for recovering animals, and the second is specifically for medical care.

What do you think of SeaWorld Orlando’s new Manatee Rehabilitation area? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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