Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust – Virtual Cremation takes participants from death to life

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Fascination with death is nothing new. From the popularity of attractions like Bodies the Exhibition (displaying the intricate workings of REAL human bodies), to the allure of the Natural Museum of Funeral History (featuring exhibits like Fantasy Coffins from Ghana, Presidential Funerals and the History of Embalming), death is a good show.


(Image: Bodies the Exhibition)


(Image: Natural Museum of Funeral History)

Enter an entirely new dimension to the experience.  Virtual Cremation takes the guest from a burning death to rebirth.  The experience starts at the end, in a coffin.  Once snugly resting in their coffin, guests are then fed into a mock cremation oven (complete with blasts of heat and a surrounding projection of intense flame.  After-death experiences are a must in this Chinese ‘death simulator’ –after the guest experiences the fiery end the scene changes to the interior of a womb (projected where there were once flames).  To exit this transformative experience, the guest is required to crawl through a tunnel suggesting rebirth.

Virtual Cremation

(Video source CCTV NEWS)

This hot attraction was recently added to China’s Window of the World theme park in Shenzen.  Window of the World features miniature replicas of various regions around the world (including Disneyland).

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