An all-new Skydiving attraction is gearing up for I-Drive 360 in Orlando!

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The idea to create a quality skydiving attraction at I-Drive 360 has been a work-in-progress since 2014. Executives seem to have been clamoring for well-known brands and restaurants to occupy the space in Orlando, Florida and it looks like “Extreme Flight-Orlando” is looking to be the next big thrilling thing to hit that side of town!


The attraction is a 51,199 square-foot building on the corner of Mercado Road and International Drive, and will apparently “operate a wind tunnel for sport, training and entertainment activities with ancillary uses such as a snack bar, party room, etc.” according to the Orlando Business Journal. So if you’d like to go eat lunch and then lose it immediately afterwards, this sounds like the afternoon for you!

This particular area of International Drive is looking to draw exponentially more tourists than their already-impressive turnout of more than 5 million guests each year. I just hope they get that traffic situation worked out — it can get a little insufferable over there.

For more details, stick with Inside The Magic. Orlando folks, are you looking forward to the skydiving attraction? Let me know in the comments below!

in Entertainment, Food, Technology

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