Zombie Invasion Imminent – Orlando FL marked for Ground Zero (part 2)

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Concerned about the rise in zombie appearances in Central Florida?

Fear not!  Zombie Outbreak is here to help.  A brand new attraction lands on International Drive this spring and promises all the training needed to stop the swarm (apparently in the old Wild Jacks location, next to the Titanic Exhibition at 7364 International Drive Orlando, FL).

Zombie Outbreak orlando location

Zombie Outbreak 3

Imported from Wisconsin, this shoot to kill adventure promises an intensely immersive experience as players take aim with state of the art weapons in what is being billed as a real live video game.

Armed with “CQB Rifles” and M4 rifles (limited to 150 shots each) and a pistol with an additional 45 shots, the goal is to make through a secret military base that has been overrun with the living dead.  The apocalypse takes place in a dark, high energy environment where the zombies run amok and can be temporarily taken out with a shot to the head (be warned, they can and do regenerate).  In addition to fighting monsters additional bonus targets are located throughout the “base”.
Zombie Outbreak 2
More details can be found on the site’s FAQ page (which includes the all-important question: Are they REAL Zombies?  A: Yes, we found them wandering the streets and captured them to run around in our confinement area.  They like it in there.  We bring them live bait every day.  They are live and free roaming. . .no cardboard cutouts.)
Zombie Outbreak 6

Zombie Outbreak 5

Photos and details via the Zombie Outbreak website and Facebook page.

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