Omni Expo hosts world premiere of latest “How it Should Have Ended” clip

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Now in its third year, the three-day Omni Expo played host to very special guests this past March 5th in Orlando, Florida. How It Should Have Ended (HISHE) producers Daniel Baxter (also an artist/animator for the popular YouTube channel) and Tina Alexander (writer) made a rare convention appearance.

Omni Expo 2016 Part 1-27

Omni Expo 2016 Part 1-31b

On Saturday afternoon, guests had the opportunity to enjoy coffee and dessert as part of the first LIVE Super Café’ (based on the occasional add on clip to their HISHE clips – where Superman and Batman discuss the video).  A small coffee house was set up in the front part of the convention hall for the event.  Batman was even on hand to interject and help with Q&A (Why? Because he’s Batman).
Omni Expo 2016 Part 1-25

Omni Expo 2016 Part 1-26

Omni Expo 2016 Part 1-29
At the end of the discussion Omni-Expo fans were treated to the world premiere of the newest parody video – featuring an amusing alternative ending to Marvel’s Deadpool movie.  The video would debut online three days later.

Omni Expo 2016 Part 1-40

(images: Michael Gavin; How It Should Have Ended Facebook page)


More from Omni-Expo in part two . . . meanwhile; we’d love to know if you have a favorite episode of How It Should Have Ended (catch all of the episodes on their website or YouTube channel).  Please comment below.

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