NECA offers EGGciting Alien “artifacts” for the adventurous collector

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Just in time to fill that Easter Basket with something much more entertaining than colorful boiled eggs, NECA announces LIFE SIZED Xenomorph Eggs!

Made of highly detailed foam, these fiendishly fun 36” tall treasures of terror are articulated at the top so the flaps can be unfolded – revealing a full sized removable face hugger (complete with a throat throttling tail that fully bendable).
Egg Closed

Egg open

To add an eerie mood when on display, the Inside base of the alien egg is equipped with LED lights to simulate a “menacing, otherworldly effect”.

However, if a smaller scaled invasion is preferred, NECA also has a half dozen collectable carton of the Alien Xenomorph Eggs for your very own ‘nursery’.  Each set contains six eggs and three face-huggers.

carton open

carton closed
New from Weyland-Yutani, these eggs are sourced directly from LV-426, where Xenomorphs are allowed to roam freely without being confined to cramped cages. Buy cage-free and support our efforts to study and protect this gentle, misunderstood species. Warning: see packaging for safe handling instructions. Weyland-Yutani is not responsible for any spaceship infestation or planetary destruction that may occur. -NECA

Images and information at NECA’s website:  Life-Sized Egg  & Half-dozen ccollectible carton

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