Final track laid down for The Incredible Hulk coaster revamp at Islands of Adventure

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It looks like the mean green roller coaster machine is set up to ride again this summer!

It was announced today that the footprint has been completed for the new Incredible Hulk roller coaster at Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure. Well, it’s not exactly “new”. It’s a revamp. But it will be nice getting back on the fan favorite roller attraction and screaming our faces off again.

The ride closed on September 8 much to the dismay of guests and fans alike. The coaster had been a staple of the park since it’s inception, and those brave enough to step into Bruce Banner’s laboratory were treated to a whirlwind experience full of loops, dives, and pure adrenaline. The new experience promises to be a smoother ride overall, with new tech upgrades and a more focused emphasis on story elements.

For all things Universal Orlando, stick with ITM! Are you stoked about The Incredible Hulk opening back up? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Steve

    Can’t wait to try the Hulk Ride I’m back at the end of August so hope it’s ready by then.

  2. Andy

    Back to Florida again this year, the first time in 12 years…cant wait to try out the changes to my favourite coaster, this time with my 11 year old son!

  3. Carlos

    When. Is. The. Lncredible Hulk when. Is. The. Ride. Lncredible. Hulk. Whan. Is. Going. To. Open

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