European Vacation with a twist – Berlin’s fully enclosed paradise

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While it might be a bit on the frosty side in Berlin, with temperatures in the 40s & 50s, that doesn’t mean a tropical island vacation is out of the question.  Tucked away in a former air ship (big blimp) hangar is the Tropical Islands Resort.  This lush climate controlled oasis maintains a constant and quite comfortable 78 degrees at all times.
Resort 3
Featuring the largest indoor rain forest in the world, white sandy beaches and both a romantic tropical lagoon and palm tree lined sea; this resort is everything the winter-worn wanderer would want.  There’s even two passenger tethered balloon for a bird’s eye view of the resort.
Optional overnight lodging comes in three opportunities: hotel rooms, private lodges or a tent on the sands of the rainforest – after-dark guests are treated to the majestically lit water worlds.
A true microcosm, complete with kids adventures, restaurants and even sauna/spa, the Tropical Islands Resort seems like the perfect European winter wonderland for those wishing a respite from the cold and snow.


Images and more information from the Tropical Resort website.

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