‘EGG-stravaganza’ Easter egg hunt returns to Epcot, Walt Disney World

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This year the Disney Egg-stravaganza Easter Egg Hunt returned to Epcot on the same day as the International Flower and Garden Festival started and it’s the perfect activity to enjoy while checking out the topiaries around World Showcase.


To participate in the Egg-stravaganza Easter Egg Hunt you first need to purchase the map and sticker set. The sets are available for purchase at Pin Central, Port of Entry, Heritage Manor and also World Traveler at the International Gateway. The set will cost you $5.95 plus tax but does come with a little fun prize at the end.


With map and stickers in hand all you have to do is head out into World Showcase to scavenge for some Easter eggs. Each country has one hidden Easter egg and it is up to you to find what c character egg is located in which country. This year was definitely much more difficult compared to previous years and Disney has made sure to make this Easter egg hunt a challenge for both adults and kids.




The Easter eggs you will be looking for will be hidden both high and low and not in the most visible places. They are pretty big though so don’t worry that you will have to look around every nook and cranny in the Pavilions. Below you will see some of the eggs we found but we will not be disclosing their locations.




When you have made your way all around World Showcase and spotted all the eggs you bring your dinished map back to Port of Entry and you get to pick a prize! Your prize will be your choice of one Disney character themed eggs.

Thanks to Shannon Bonadurer for pic!


The Epcor Easter Egg hunt is a fun little game that definitely adds something extra to this years International Flower and Garden Festival. The Egg-stravaganza Easter egg hunt runs until March 27th.

in Disney, Events, Theme Parks, Walt Disney World

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