Easter Witches and Celebrity Chocolate – just in time for spring

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Easter, being on the first Sunday after the full moon that occurs after (or on) the vernal equinox (equal amount of day and night in the spring), was established in the year 325.  A holy holiday derived from pagan rites of spring and fertility, this festive day of bonnets and baskets is often accompanied by informal expeditions to extract eggs from their hiding spots and/or various amounts of chocolate and candies.

This year, for those who seek a bit more adventure in their spring holiday, OTM has rounded up a basket full of fiendish surprises.

Tired of pastels and mundane egg dyes;  looking for an eerie egg decorating idea? – Undead (or just risen from the dead) Easter eggs ensure a second look.

Several variations can be found over at Riot Daily:

Or perhaps candy is a more elementary solution.

No one will forget about their “Benedict Cumber-bunny” Available in white, milk and dark chocolate from Chocolitician


Longing to leave a lasting impression? Try an Easter book – we recommend Pat the Zombie (found on Amazon).

Pat the Zombie


Finally, this last note:

Some have said that Easter is the second Halloween in terms of candy and Easter Baskets – the people of Sweden and Finland have actually combined the two holidays!  Southeastern Finland finds families going door to door blessing residents with twigs in exchange for candy.  Meanwhile in the western side of the country families dress up like witches on Holy Saturday when mischievous evil spirits (trulli) are said roam amok.  Big bonfires are lit to chase the spirits away.  Both Sweden and Finland celebrate the Easter Witch and it’s not uncommon to see costumed representations roaming about on Palm Sunday.

(source xfinity.com – Bizarre Easter Traditions)


(image source Funny Easter Pictures)

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