Disney crosses $1 billion mark worldwide at the box office thanks to ‘Zootopia,’ ‘Force Awakens’

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The power of the force and anthropomorphic mammals has boosted Disney to new heights at the box office this year.

Global hits “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and “Zootopia” have been crushing domestic and international records since their release to help push the Walt Disney Company past $1 billion at the box office for 2016. It’s the earliest time Disney has reached that milestone according to Variety, with some hefty numbers thrown in for good measure.

“Zootopia” has hit $415.9 million so far in its international release, while “The Force Awakens” took in about $447 million this year from foreign markets after grossing $680 million during the last two weeks of 2015.

“Zootopia” has also totaled $217.4 million in the U.S., leading the box office for three weekends.

“Zootopia” has totaled $633 million worldwide, while “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has a worldwide total of $2.06 billion.

Even better, Disney will continue to rake in more money from both films, which were a hit with both audiences and critics alike. The latest chapter of the Star Wars saga will soon be released on Blu-ray and Digital HD within a matter of weeks and “Zootopia” will finally arrive in the U.K. this weekend — followed by several other major markets, including Japan on April 23.

The studio also has various other major films in the pipeline for 2016, including “The Jungle Book” on April 15 and “Captain America: Civil War” on May 6.


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    Wow that’s awesome perfect for zootopia I like it ?????????

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      Mouse watch

      I work in retail I talk to people 75 present say zoo topic is outstanding . The mouse has something good going here . But be carefully on sequels .dont get carry away I see it in customs .

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    Even though it’s being boosted by overseas audiences who like funny animals that don’t live in any identifiable country and don’t have as many dialogue gags…what happens if Zootopia should outgross Frozen?
    Will there be any reason for us to go gushy over Epcot Norway’s big expansion, or will Frozen sink into expired manias like all the Lion King attractions? 😉

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