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“To me cosplay is the most expensive profession in the world. I don’t like to view it as a hobby. I put out my best, I compete, I perform in burlesque show and convention shows, unfortunately I don’t get much of a monetary pay, but it’s so much fun to know that people are learning from me when they attend my panels or see my in shows. I really hope I’m able to inspire them too.” –Minxy Cosplay


At 22, Minxy Cosplay, also known as Jacqueline K, has been into acting since age 3 and cosplaying for half of her life.  Only recently taking her passion to the convention floor for the past five years, she specializes in FX make-up and wig styling when cosplaying (as well as fostering animals and volunteering for kid-focused events when outside of her cosplay time).

OTM was fortunate to be able to ask Jacqueline K a few questions about her hobby:

What does Cosplay mean to you?
To me cosplay isn’t just putting on a costume and walking around. To me I like to go back to the roots of it all. Costume, roleplay. When you meet me, I do my best to be in character, to give you an experience you’ll remember depending on who I’m dressed as. When a kid meets me, the ‘try’ goes out the window and I make that a magical moment for them, because that’s what inspired me as a child.


What piqued your interest in Cosplay?
To me cosplay was such a natural lead in from performing. Same concept of putting on a costume and interacting with people, becoming that character. I actually stumbled into it by accident. I searched up ‘anime merchandise’, found my first convention, went to it a week later, and everyone’s kindness got me hooked!

Where does your inspiration come from?
I love to surround myself with other performers and costumers, I also take inspiration from shows like Face Off, and watching theme park performances.

Is there a particular arena that your enjoy more?
I really do love conventions, but my favorite part is when I’m up on a stage. Any stage. Thanks to cosplaying I’ve played everything from little boys to badass women to talking reindeer!

Minxy 7

Have you ever been featured for your cosplay achievements?
I’ve been in quite a few of these just with a picture or two and if I was lucky, they’d find my name and link me. I’ve also been a featured guest at two conventions in the past, Shadocon and Holiday Matsuri. Ahead of me I have a few guest events as well, but who knows what’s going to happen?

Is there a particular genre/style you prefer?
I like to do the crazy. I like to do the impossible. Jessica Rabbits low cut dress, Bayonettas backless bodysuit, Franknfurters open lace top. I like to make them happen no matter how much discomfort it causes me. I can’t really place a favorite character though, they all have their own things.


Do you make your own costumes/props?
I definitely do prefer to make my own costumes or props, but in a pinch I thrift store shop. My top places to go for supplies are Harbor Freight for prop supplies (craft foam, hot knives, glue, wire), Joann Fabrics for fabrics, and Goodwill for everything else!

When you create your outfit do you strive for near perfection in accuracy or just the essence of the character?
Near perfection. I’m the type of person who will look at concept art and rewatch the movie/show/series a good forty times over to make sure everything is correct.

Please describe a favorite moment/event.
I’ve got a few different fantastic moments. One of the most recent was being Nurse Ansalong from Shock Treatment, and Danny Trejo crying out for a nurse until I ran over to ‘help’ him. Another was when I was Phoenix from X-Men and a little Supergirl ran over to me, maybe three years old, and kept screaming ‘mommy, mommy! It’s Phoenix!!’ She politely asked me for a picture and we ended up with a gorgeous shot of me helping her ‘fly’.


Please describe anything you might see as a roadblock/concern in the cosplay community.
Like in any industry that revolves around the appearance of something, you’re never going to get everyone to behave or have the same opinion. As hard as it is I think as cosplayers, we need to remember that whenever we receive harsh criticism or encounter the rude people in the community. As for the currently popular ‘Cosplay is Not Consent’ stand, I wish it were more branched out. The majority of it is geared toward women being respected by men in the community, and I think it should go all the way around. I see plenty of men getting harassed at conventions in both sexual and nonsexual manners and I believe we all deserve to be treated like humans.


What advice would you give to someone getting started in this realm?
Start small, take pride in the little things, and always be open to learning. use others as an inspiration, not something to diminish your confidence in your craft.

Finally, any additional insight/information about your involvement in cosplay that you’d like to add?
If you have the chance to use cosplay in the community, take it. Visit hospitals with amazing groups of heroes, go to the park or a farmers market as a Disney princess if you’re feeling down, because the joy of someone else will always help to brighten your day.


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