“When Shadows Fall” to redefine interactive entertainment, fusing gaming and theater in Orlando

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Welcome to PENUMBRA – an entire society hidden in Orlando’s shadows for 28 years. PENUMBRA appears to have succeeded where others have failed, as the first perfectly harmonious society in human history.

Soon, this all-accepting community will be opening to the public for the first time, inviting you to enter. But behind PENUMBRA’s doors, not everything is as perfect as it seems…

This is the story we are telling in “When Shadows Fall,” a new form of interactive entertainment fusing gaming and theater into one exciting experience.

Step into a dystopian thriller filled with tyranny, corruption, and vengeance – all hidden just beneath its polished surface. Explore a hyperreal world with shocking visual elements, live professional actors, haute couture costumes, a rousing original musical score, cinematic lighting, and high-tech interactions that bring familiar video game mechanics to real life.

When Shadows Fall Announcement & Kickstarter Video

Separate from running Inside the Magic, I have been working full time for the past 6 months helping to create “When Shadows Fall.” Beginning with the Radley Haunted House in 2014 and continuing with The Republic last year and now When Shadows Fall this year, it’s been wonderful for me to transition from covering themed entertainment for more than 10 years to actually creating it.

The goal of When Shadows Fall is to deliver a polished production that offers each audience member a first-person experience. We aim to create something far more personal than the many passive experiences Orlando is used to seeing.

To produce it as designed, we have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the extra funds we need to enhance our sets, costumes, lighting, sound, and special effects necessary to fully make When Shadows Fall unique.

I’ll be sharing more details about When Shadows Fall in the coming months, as we transform our 15,000 square foot venue into the dystopian society of Penumbra. And, of course, Inside the Magic followers will be among the first to know when we are opening.

Thanks for your support!

Visit WhenShadowsFall.com to find out more information – and aNewSociety.com to discover Penumbra.


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