Walt Disney World just wrapped a giant TAM airline plane!

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The magic of Disney is taking flight!

Brazilian airline TAM and Disney World have joined forces for a giant wrap around one of the airline’s Boeing 767-300 planes. The plane is looking to make all manner of long distance routes, and made its first trip to central Florida late Tuesday afternoon at Orlando International Airport. This is the first time a Disney Parks wrap has graced a Latin American airline.

Here’s hoping it pays off!


According to Orlando Sentinel, The companies said the design required 536 adhesive panels, covering 9063 square feet. They were applied during 10 eight-hour days. That’s one giant sticker. The aircraft is being called the “Plane of Dreams” and made its debut in a hangar during a show prepared for media, clients and executives. Sources say Tinker Bell made an appearance, waved her magic wand, and curtains were pulled back to reveal the plane in all its glory.

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