Universal Orlando to get significant park expansion with Comcast Corp. confirming land acquisition

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After months of speculation about a possible expansion, Comcast Corp. has confirmed in a year-end 2015 earnings call that they have purchased 475 acres of land adjacent to Universal Orlando Resort.

The newly acquired area, which was purchased for $130 million by the parent company of Universal Orlando Resort, will likely be used for a number of usages including “multiple new parks, hotels, or even space for backstage operations”, according to the Orlando Business Journal.

The land runs along Universal Boulevard, with Comcast executives not ready to give out exact details on what they plan to use it for, only saying that “the land is a real strategic acquisition for long term down the road.”


  1. Sven L.

    Another park would be huge for Universal, although I am not sure what franchises they could place there.

    1. Drew W

      Didn’t Universal just acquire the rights to use Nintendo? It might be a gamble to create an entire theme park based on Nintendo games/characters, but it would make a good anchor segment of a new park… (granted, I’d love a “Magic Kingdom” style park with Hyrule Castle at the center surrounded by classic Nintendo “lands” (such as Mushroom Kingdom [from Mario], Donkey Kong Country, Kokiri Forest [from Zelda], and Zebes [from Metroid])

      1. Pamela


        1. With a live action Pokemon Snap ride instead of a laser gun ride? Yes please.

      2. Penn Disney

        Don’t forget there “inky freshest” SPLATOON! (Inklings appear.)

  2. Kayla

    A theme park especially geared towards younger children called: ‘How to Train A Dragon’ would Be AWESOME, designed around the actual animation movie . . . rides, food, characters, costumes, souvenirs, t-shirts, gifts, hotel resort, etc. GUARANTEED MONEY IN THE BANK!!! 🙂

  3. Billy

    They forgot to mention that the land was acquired by an internal VP from the land owner then sold to Comcast/Universal for millions. Sounds like corporate dirty work to me.


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