‘Star Wars in Concert’ to return in 2016 to a city near you

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A couple of years ago in 2009-2010, Lucasfilm put on an amazing concert tour featuring the best music from the epic Star Wars saga. Performed by a live orchestra while clips from the films played on a screen, the performance was hosted by C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels who would also narrate the story of Star Wars between music pieces.

The official website for ‘Star Wars in Concert‘ has now been updated with information making it clear the concert will be making a return in 2016. The description on the official website reads:

Take part in an unforgettable concert experience with cutting-edge visual technology and sound design. The iconic music of John Williams will guide you through the legendary battle of light and dark and immerse you into the worlds, characters and story of Star Wars.

No dates or venues have been announced yet but you can now sign up for a newsletter that will make sure you receive the first word on when tickets will go on sale and other exclusive special offers. Also no word yet if this version of the concert series will feature music from the new Force Awakens movie.
This looks like a must for any Star Wars fan! Who wants to attend?


  1. Tom

    Will this be in the UK?

  2. Christoph

    Or in Austria?

  3. xl4

    They have since re-mapped the starwarsinconcert.com dns/domain to the starwars.com domain without any information at all regarding star wars in concert. Noticed on 3/04/16

    1. frank

      agreed, still nothing.

      1. Cam

        Still… Nothing and my son and I, major John Williamd fans, are feeling major letdown!

    2. Edhelwen

      Agreed….i saw it in texas last time they did it and would enjoy going again. I keep seeing other sites saying its going to happen yet the official site shows no sign of what these sites are saying about it.


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