PHOTOS: The 9 cutest Disney cake pops

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Each Disney character has their own signature cuteness about them — from Stitch’s big eyes and Mike Wazowski’s sweet smile to Mickey Mouse’s oversized ears. These cake pop recipes showcase what we know and love about the adorable Disney crew.

9. Mrs Potts


Mrs. Potts looks chipper with her rosy cheeks and signature smile.

8. Stitch


The mischievous Stitch is as cute as ever. These cake pops showcase all of his puppy-like features.

7. Miss Piggy


In addition to jewelry and designer duds, Miss Piggy is a big fan of sweets. And these cake pops are tres magnifique!

6. Mr. Potato Head


Make Mr. Potato Head‘s different emotions by playing with his mustache, mouth, and eyebrow positions just like the real thing.

5. Mickey Mouse


Everything about Mickey Mouse is as cute as can be! Make his signature floppy ears, button nose, and cheerful smile with this cake pop.

4. Winnie the Pooh


Winnie the Pooh put it perfectly: “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”

3. Sparky


You don’t need a lab like Victor to create an adorable cake pop inspired by the loyal pup Sparky.

2. Mike Wazowski


Recreate the student monster before he became a Scarer (braces included).

1 Jack Skellington


These Jack Skellington cake pops are terrifyingly tasty. They’re perfect for Christmas or Halloween (without the santa hat).

Which cake pop is your favorite?

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