PHOTOS: Disney California Adventure celebrates the Year of the Monkey with Lunar New Year decorations in Paradise Pier

in Disneyland Resort

This past Monday, February 8th, marked the beginning of the Lunar New Year, as celebrated in a number of East Asian countries. To mark the occasion several theme parks (including Universal Studios Hollywood) put up festive decorations and hosted special character meet-and-greets themed to the holiday.

At Disney California Adventure in Anaheim, the Paradise Gardens section of Paradise Pier was made over to match the decor and style of traditional Lunar New Year designs, including lanterns, dragons, and a fun guide using Disney characters to help guests determine which animal’s year they were born in.


Much like the Dia de Reyes celebration earlier in the year at the same area, the Lunar New Year event in California Adventure is a great way to bring a unique cultural experience to the Southern California Disney parks.

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