New Star Wars Land details, concept art revealed during Disneyland 60th Anniversary TV special

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During the “The Wonderful World Of Disney: Disneyland 60” TV special tonight on ABC, actor Harrison Ford revealed new details about the Star Wars theme park areas coming to Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World.

Though there wasn’t much in the way of news in the segment, there were a few details given about one of the new attractions in which guests will take a ride in the Millennium Falcon. This interactive ride while make you the pilot and give you control over the guns too.

Disney has officially released some of the concept art in high resolution and thanks to for some screencaps from the special.

Star Wars Land Disneyland Walt Disney World

Star Wars Land Disneyland Walt Disney World


Another attraction that was quickly teased showed guests in the middle of a battle between the Resistance and the First Order.



The new Star Wars areas will also feature incredibly themed marketplaces and environments where guests can mingle with their favorite aliens and droids.

Star Wars Land Disneyland Walt Disney World



Star Wars Land Disneyland Walt Disney World

Star Wars Land Disneyland Walt Disney World

You will also be able to dine on local delicacies in a dinner show and a Star Wars cantina, though it doesn’t appear to be the same one we’re so familiar with.






Star Wars Land Disneyland Walt Disney World


  1. Lisa

    Star Wars land what year it will be open

    1. Disney hasn’t announced an opening date yet, but my guess is that it won’t open until 2019.

    2. A1anne

      Most likely 2021.

  2. Terri

    Where will this be in the Disneyland Park
    Is something coming out?

    1. RJ

      From Wikipedia: “In September 2015, Disneyland Resort announced that on January 11, 2016, Big Thunder Ranch would close permanently, and the Disneyland Railroad and Rivers of America would be temporarily closed — this includes the Mark Twain Riverboat, Sailing Ship Columbia, Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes, Tom Sawyer Island, and Fantasmic!.[14]

      An official Disneyland Twitter account confirmed that the Rivers of America will have a new route when it reopens from construction.[15]’

    2. Kela Ravenwood

      Like RJ said. The Big Thunder Ranch, including the petting zoo, BBQ, and every thing else behind Big Thunder Mountain will close. They are also rerouting the Rivers of America to cut across the north end of Tom Sawyer’s Island. And changing the alinement of the Disnyland Railroad. SW Land will also take up a bunch of the back stage area in that part of the park.

  3. Darren

    “Millennium” falcon. Not Millenium

  4. Tyler

    It sounds like it will be amazing, but at the same time, what does it have to do with Disney. When you think of Disney, you think of his classics like Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, etc.

    1. Doom

      Disney owns Star Wars now. So, when you think Disney, you must now think Star Wars. Same with Marvel Comics, Disney owns them too. Disney isn’t stagnant, it was made in the mid 1900’s, but it doesn’t stay there.

      1. Brother Sun

        Disney also owns ABC television so I think they should build “Bachelor/Bachelorette in Paradise Land”, where hot eligible singles get to mingle on a tropical island beach, go on “fantasy dates” and at the end of the “ride”, maybe give/get a rose indicating a real love connection.

        1. Stephanie

          You’re hilarious!

  5. Stephanie

    Can’t wait for Star Wars land! More of the regular Disneyland all for me!

  6. Wow! Star Wars land. By the time it opens I’ll have to take out a Loan from Jabba the Hut to afford it.
    Proably raise the admission price to $200 Imperial Credits per person and $250 on Holidays like the Emperior’s Birthday.
    Maybe Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru can lend me the money….oh wait

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