Jungle Skipper Canteen at Disney’s Magic Kingdom to feature same-day dining reservations

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Dining in the jungle is about to get infinitely more convenient!

Disney Parks Blog just announced that, from February 12 to 27, Walt Disney World Resort guests will be able to make reservations for either lunch or dinner that same day at Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen in Magic Kingdom Park.

If you haven’t been already, the food is absolutely incredible. We highly recommend the Skip’s Mac and Cheese and the Kungaloosh! dessert (based on the late, great Adventurer’s Club experience at Pleasure Island).

How does one make this deliciousness happen? Just visit jungleskippercanteen.com or call 407-993-1933.


  1. Mark

    I get server not found when using jungleskippercanteen.com


  2. Bradley

    My Wife and I just ate there last night for the first time, the Skippers Mac and Cheese was incredible, as well as “It Taste Like Chicken.” And the Bread that was served prior to our entrees with the fresh warmed local honey was delectable. We dined around 9:00pm or so and honestly we were one of maybe 5 parties in the entire place.

    So we to advantage of the slow time and spoke with one of the cast members about the future of the “experience” as we were some what shocked how “normal” the cast members were acting. We were expecting a lot of one liners and more joking around, or even some stories. So anyway the Cast Member let us in that Imagineering is no where near done with the experience. Currently the script for the initial host is thick, and the servers script is next to non existent, so they aren’t really allowing them to go all out…yet…

    Good news when I asked if they were shooting for The Adventure’s Club, the CM said they were all crossing their fingers!

    The CM then proceeded to guide us around the restaurant’s three dining rooms and point out a lot of small things and big things that are nods to Jungle Cruise, Adventure’s Club and Indiana.

    The Parrot Room and room behind the library for example… The Carpet is hand sewn, and anything you see artifact wise that is made of wood was hand carved.

    The Books in the Library are pretty amazing so definitely take a few minutes to read through the classics such as Shake-Spear…

    Also the fan in the lobby and the chandlers are original to the building from Day One, we love the fan…Although on a hot day I could see some people not thinking an updated fan would be much better suited.

  3. We had a very nice lunch there last week. The park was pretty busy but there was no trouble getting an immediate lunch sitting. I guess about half the tables had diners. The food was nice, I had the pork with five kinds of rice. Pretty yummy.

    The server was very nice, but it wasn’t as Kongalooshy as imagined. She did tell us a really bad joke. The decor is great. I too loved the books in the Library. My favourite – Castles of Magic Kingdoms.

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