Elections are upon us! Time to Purge? Purge: Election Year due in theaters this July

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Yet another Purge thriller has been announced by Universal Studios. Brilliantly capitalizing on the current Presidential election cycle (or circus) for timing, The Purge Election Year released its first trailer (immediately after the New Hampshire primaries – coincidence?  foreshadowing?).  This third installment of the survival series seems to stitch the first two stories together.
Presidental Bid Screen Cap
Written and directed by James DeMonaco, the continuing tale of annual anarchy stars Elizabeth Mitchell and Frank Grillo (both returning from prior Purge installments).

* Can/should we also assume that the Purge-Election Year will be one of first focus of fear might be this Halloween at Universal’s Horror Nights?


Images from, and more information can found at the film’s Facebook feed.

4th of July

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