COSPLAY – Faces in the Crowd: Rebekkah Miller

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Rebekkah-5Rebekkah Miller has always loved dressing up in varying costumes – thus, cosplay is just an extension of that passion for her. Ms. Miller is a third year student at the University of Central Florida, majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders (with a focus in Sign Language Interpreter Training).  When not in class or studying, she’s usually scheming to come up with new cosplay.

“To me, cosplaying is an upbeat hobby that both keeps me busy and let’s me have fun! It is most definitely a stress-reliever. Actually, cosplaying is how I met my boyfriend. We met at the first convention I visited, MegaCon in the spring of 2014.”

Is there a particular arena (conventions, events, photoshoots) that your enjoy more?
Normally, I cosplay for charity by donning my Anne Hathaway inspired Catwoman suit, and visiting terminally ill children at non-for profit organizations such as Give Kids the World Village. Catwoman also happens to be my most favorite character, and my first cosplay.


Do you make your own costumes/props?
I have a personal seamstress, Millie Negron, she is the absolute best! She can turn any dream of mine into a reality. When I do not have Millie on a mission, I am putting a cosplay together from both online and thrift store finds.

When you create your outfit do you strive for near perfection in accuracy or just the essence of the character?
I will strive for accuracy depending on my interpretation of a character. For example, when cosplaying as Princess Leia in her Ewok Village attire, I strove for screen accuracy. But for Velma Dinkley of Mystery Gang Fame, I go for a more fun take on the character. Instead of a baggy sweatshirt, I wore a crop top and high-waist skirt. But, both clothing items were still in the character’s signature colors: orange and red.


Have any of your cosplay creations been published or featured at an event?
My interpretation of Velma is actually what I have been published for before in the cosplay community, in online prints. Also, in Orlando Weekly.


Please describe anything you might see as a roadblock/concern in the cosplay community:
My only concern for the cosplay community is seeing people who cosplay just for the sake of having a good time – who are poked fun of because their outfit may not be, “accurate enough” or maybe they are, “not wearing the right wig.” Cosplaying is about honoring your favorite characters, not about being criticized! Whenever a friend of mine says they want to cosplay, I always tell them to become their favorite character, because when you are passionate about what you are wearing it truly shows.


“One of my favorite memories involving cosplay would have to be meeting Cary Elwes of Princess Bride fame during MegaCon 2015. He complemented my boyfriend and I on our outfits, saying that he watched us throughout the weekend and admired us. He said, ‘A couple that has fun together, stays together. You two are absolutely adorable.’ And that is something I will never forget.” – Rebekkah Miller


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