Calming stress with cursing and gore – adult coloring books grow in popularity AND diversity

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“Stress and nervous tension are no serious social problems in all parts of the galaxy” –Douglas Adams/Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Fortunately, those of us on planet earth have found a mostly harmless solution. Or rather, have rediscovered a childhood solution – coloring. Ever since studies have proven that the simple act of applying pigment to a picture on a page (or similar forms of art) induces significant calming effect on stress (including PTSD, depression, anxiety and dementia), the adult coloring book industry has been booming.

Star WarsPotter

The styles and even sizes of these intricate incarnations of soothing distraction can vary greatly.  From mundane meandering patterns to bizarre images of horror, it would seem that there’s a coloring book for everyone. . .


Of the hundreds found on Amazon (many on their top 20 selling book list), a few caught our eye here at OTM.  If you need us we’ll be in the corner with the Crayola box. . .