“AP Days” debuts at Disneyland Resort with “Main Street to Mickey Mouse” as first week’s theme

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2016 is a transitional year for the Disneyland Resort, with many rides and attractions shut down for extended periods, undergoing major refurbishments, and an entire new “land” being added to the original Disneyland park for the first time since Mickey’s Toontown opened more than twenty years ago.

For that reason it seems like a good idea that Disney is seeking to provide Annual Passholders with some additional value in the Anaheim parks during this phase. Last week we reported that the company had announced “AP Days” at the resort, an event that would last throughout the month of February, and this past Monday saw the launch of that celebration in both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.





As you can see in the videos above and the photos below, AP Days has quite a bit to offer, especially considering the fact that the themes will be changing weekly. This week’s concept: “Main Street to Mickey Mouse,” in which guests are invited to explore the history of the park focusing on locations that depict Walt Disney’s small-town upbringing and his early days in Los Angeles.

Additionally, Annual Passholders are being provided with complimentary buttons, sealed flavored popcorn bags, bottled water, and nifty exclusive “Fun Facts” guide maps that accentuate that week’s theme and elaborate on the park’s past as it relates to the motif.

As if that weren’t enough, Disneyland’s opera house is hosting screenings every night of unique video presentations from the company’s archives, and Disney California Adventure’s Stage 17 is home to meet-and-greets with some of the resort’s lesser-seen characters. Plus the Blue Sky Cellar has fun coloring activities for kids, phone charging stations for adults, and a great chance to learn more about the new Disneyland PhotoPass system.

With all that in mind, even if you visit the park every day during the month of February, you’re sure to find something different to do at AP Days, and it’s nice to know that Disney is putting forth the effort to add fun and experiences for regular guests during this era of so much change.

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