VIDEO: Disneyland announces new home for Big Thunder Ranch petting zoo animals

in Disneyland, Disneyland Resort

Image Copyright Disney

Disneyland announced on Friday that it had found a new home for the goats and other animals from the Big Thunder Ranch petting zoo.

A farm in Murietta, California, that is already home to four former Disneyland goats, will adopt the animals (including the sheep and donkeys) on January 11th after Big Thunder Ranch closes for good to make way for the upcoming Star Wars expansion.



  1. Frank

    If you followed Fresh Baked Disney on Facebook or YouTube you would have known this a couple weeks ago. During a very recent visit to the attractions that will be closing they had talked to one of the Cast Members who works on this farm & was told then the animals would be going there with the retired ones. Fresh Baked!!!

    (Not part of the Fresh Baked crew but a follower of their fun)

    1. Karen

      Many of us who are frequent guests knew this information months ago, but for those who do not get to Disneyland often, or visit numerous sites in search of information, this was a great article to find.

  2. TG

    I was wondering if the new ranch where the animals will be going would let us come visit? Or is it just a private ranch?


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