VIDEO: Anna and Elsa meet and greet outside in Fantasy Faire at Disneyland for the first time

in Disneyland Resort

Ever since the massively-popular international hit “Frozen” opened in the winter of 2013, meet-and-greets with the two lead characters Anna and Elsa have been in high demand at Disney parks. Guests were frequently confronted with wait times up to several hours in length, and the sisters’ locations in the parks have undergone several changes on both coasts.

In January 2015, Anna and Elsa’s Royal Welcome debuted in the Animation building at Disney California Adventure, and that appeared to be their permanent home. But apparently demand is still high enough that this week the pair began to meet and greet outside in the Fantasy Faire area of Disneyland as well.


“Frozen” has certainly proved itself to be an enduring, heavily featured mainstay at the parks over the past couple years, and it will be interesting to see how long the trend will continue.

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