The Force is strong with Downton Abbey – Jedi arrive for final season

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Now that the force has awakened AND with the return of Downton Abbey to PBS for its final season, a new presence has been detected. . .

The Evil Butler
The Evil Butler

Star Wars meets Downton Abbey for a good cause – last April, actor Rob James-Collier (Downton Abbey’s Thomas Barrow) surprised fans with a clever Star Wars/Downton Abbey mash up.  The video, shot entirely his iPhone, served as a fund raising vehicle for his upcoming London Marathon run.   The butler-turned-jedi promised to release additional footage should the goal of 10,000 British Pounds be reached (all benefiting the Chiltern’s MS Centre).

Downton Wars- The Phantom Valet
Downton Wars- The Phantom Valet

The force was strong with this charity – goals were exceeded (nearly 1600 Pounds raised)!  Thus, in September, fans were treated to an extended “sequel” featuring more members of the Downton Abbey cast.

a scene from "The Evil Butler Strikes Back"
a scene from “The Evil Butler Strikes Back”

more from "The Evil Butler Strikes Back"

episode two

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