Surreal Estate – Famous homes for sale (Powerball anyone?)

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This week the Powerball drawing surged to an insane 1.6 billion dollars.  Winners in three states (TN, FL, CA) will split the jackpot.  (in case you were wondering, the winning numbers were 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 & Powerball 10)

We wondered what on earth would that kind of money buy.  After polling several fans, a cat and a disinterested coworker, Real Estate seemed to be the dream in demand.  With Robin Leach as a mental narrator, we scoured the world (okay the World Wide Web) to find a few suitable options . . .

For the person wanting to be away from it all/total seclusion, there is the complete island option (which might also make for an excellent evil genius lair, not that we’re endorsing that idea) – turns out there are quite a few for sale in Florida (ranging in price from a mere $1,495,000 to 15,800,000).

East Sister Rock Island Pretty Joe Rock Ballast Key

(Source & Image:

Perhaps more flair and space for entertaining is desired, this famous mansion is sure to come with all the notoriety (and expectations) one would associate with the Playboy Mansion. The $200 Million price tag does not include any of the famous Playboy Bunnies.
playboy mansion google earth

(Image: Google Earth)

$1.5 billion will buy a lot of cannoli’s too.  That kind of dough, at least $3 million, can also set the stage to make an offer that cannot be refused for this fancy ‘family’ home.

Godfather Home google earth

(Image: Google Earth)

Sadly though, It seems that no one is interested in this home that was featured in the Silence of the Lambs, a steal at $250,000

Silence Bing Maps

(Image: Bing Maps)

Finally if the winner just cannot decide how they’d like to spend their winnings, we’d gladly accept donations.

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