PHOTOS: Zootopia preview opens in A Bug’s Land at Disney California Adventure

in Disneyland Resort

The release date for Walt Disney Studios’ new animated feature “Zootopia” is just six weeks away, and following the new tradition of previewing the company’s theatrical features at Disney parks, that means it’s time for an “Exclusive Sneak Peek” of “Zootopia” to open at Disney California Adventure.

We’ve got a look at the exterior of the attraction, located in the It’s a Bug’s Life Theater in A Bug’s Land at Disney California Adventure. The sneak peek opened to annual passholders this week.


Guests were also given paper fox and bunny ears to wear as they entered the attraction, and many of them could be seen worn around the park for the rest of the day. It’s a fun way to get excited for what might turn out to be a very welcome addition to the Disney pantheon.


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