PHOTOS: Minnie Mouse “Rock the Dots” art and fashion show delights Disney fans in Downtown Los Angeles

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Minnie Mouse fans in Southern California gathered over the weekend in Downtown Los Angeles for Refinery29‘s “Rock the Dots” art and fashion show. As described on the Disney Style blog, the show was a celebration of National Polka Dot Day and “the most fashionable mouse in the biz!”

Guests were treated to an art show featuring famous celebrity “Minnie ears” photographs, fashion mannequins decked in Minnie-inspired couture, and a gift shop where they could procure exclusive “Rock the Dots”-themed merchandise, many of which are still available on the Disney Store website.


Though the event was only open for one day at the Paper Agency art gallery after the star-studded opening ceremony the night before, it was a memorable show that hopefully kicked off a year full of polka-dotted fashion!

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