PHOTOS: A closer look at the newly expanded Cove Bar at Disney California Adventure

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Back in October we reported that Disney California Adventure’s Cove Bar was undergoing an expansion along Paradise Pier, with the park’s gazebo having been removed to make way for the additional seating at the popular restaurant. Well, over the holidays the expansion finally opened to the delight of guests who sometimes wait for hours on end to get a taste of the Cove Bar’s famous lobster nachos, among many other delicious appetizers and beverages.

The only issue seems to be that the expansion area does not operate under rainy weather conditions, or even if there is a rain advisory. That’s bad news for guests, but it gave us a good, unobstructed view of the new seating area.


The Cove Bar menu can be found at Disneyland’s official website. Hopefully you will find yourself visiting on a day with a smaller chance of wet weather.

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