FRIGHT FIGHT! Mortal Kombat X announces an Apocalypse

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Almost a year after the hyper-realistic Mortal Kombat X hit the consoles (and PC), Warner Brothers reveals that the Apocalypse is coming this year!

Promising new characters, skins and more gore, Mortal Kombat X, widens the battle arena with their second expansion pack for the franchise.

After the stabbing success of adding Jason Vorhees AND the Predator in past packs, this new expansion is sure to again lure hordes of horror fans to the franchise, the Apocalypse Kombat pack adds the chainsaw chopping horror icon Leather Face along with Alien’s acid spitting Xenomorph (complete with leaping newly hatched face hugger attacks).

leatherfacechainsawx alienAlien2

Rounding out the new characters is the split(ing) personalities of Tri-Borg (Robot Smoke, Sektor and Cyrax rolled into one) and the flatulent fist master Bo Rai Cho.
So far, no release date has been announced.


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