VIDEO: Spider-Man meet and greet area in Super Hero HQ brings the famous web-slinger to Disneyland

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When Super Hero HQ opened last month alongside Star Wars Launch Bay, it brought with it a character never before represented in physical form at Disneyland in California: Spider-Man. The world-famous webslinger had been absent from all of Disney’s American parks for some time due to licensing complications with Universal, and even now can only appear at Disney locations west of the Mississippi.

Super-Hero HQ made up for that long absence by adding a brand-new dedicated meet and greet area for a certain friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, replacing the one previously inhabited by Captain America.


The Spider-Man meet-and-greet area is themed around the Marvel universe’s super-villain prison, V.A.U.L.T., and houses costumes and props from other Marvel Cinematic Universe movies such as Ant-Man and the Avengers series.

Spidey himself is tucked away around a corner, and once you wind your way through the queue and get to meet him, he stands against a webbed backdrop of the New York City Skyline, perfect for photo opportunities and even a conversation with the wall-crawler himself.

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