11 feels you experience during the two weeks leading up to Christmas

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Christmas is quickly approaching! With one of the most popular holidays of the year comes all the feelings. Are you ready?!

1. Realizing you have to venture into the Christmas crowds at the mall:

Sadness Inside Out GIF

Because nothing says “Happy Holidays” like elbowing your way through shoppers to snag the last “Star Wars Furbacca.”

2. Attending the office Christmas party at work and this repeating over and over in your head:

Thumper GIF

Thumper’s dad really knew what he was talking about.

3. Wrapping presents that are so perfect that the person receiving will say “It’s so pretty that I don’t even want to open it!”:

Tinkerbell Pixiedust GIF

Adding that bow and gift tag just really gives it that extra pixie dust.

4. Christmas decorations in general:

Nightmare Before Christmas GIF

Don’t tell me that you don’t feel warm and fuzzy when you plug in your Christmas tree.

5. Wishing you had Remy around to help you finish preparing the holiday meals:

Ratatouille GIF

Because it’s not really Christmas dinner until the smoke alarm goes off.

6. Getting ready for all those Christmas gatherings has you feeling like:

Cinderella GIF

No explanation needed because you know this is a very real feeling.

7. Standing under mistletoe but you are standing by the wrong person:

Peter Pan GIF

“2319!! We have a 2319!!!” (Name that movie.) Get out of there. Fast.

8. Making that pie and hoping you followed the recipe correctly:

Sleeping Beauty GIF

“But really, what is a pinch of salt? What if my pinch is bigger than their pinch?”

9. Attempting to stay awake on Christmas Eve to have a run in with Santa Clause:

Boo Sleepy GIF

Whether you’re up late wrapping last minute gifts or baking cookies for Santa… Christmas Eve can leave you looking like a zombie.

10. One word. Two syllables. Diet:

Belle GIF

Christmas cookies. Fudge. Potatoes. Ham. Pie. Eggnog. The time for New Years Resolutions will come soon enough. Live a little.

11. And then when December 26th comes:

frozen-samme-mejias-12 (1) frozen-samme-mejias-6

Just like Olaf, your probably singing a song of joy because stress is gone and here comes Spring and Summer!

Are you almost ready for Christmas? Comment below with some of your favorite holiday traditions!



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