10 feels you may be experiencing today to prepare for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Tonight… It begins. The long awaited day is here – the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Here are some feelings you might experience today as you get ready for tonight.

1. When you bought your tickets (a month ago) and the site didn’t crash while completing the purchase:


Because you made it through, unlike many others. This force is strong with this one.

2. You just realized that one of the seams ripped on your costume you were planning to wear tonight:


Sewing kit STAT! This is exactly like an episode of Grey’s Anatomy right now. All of that Netflix has paid off.

3. Driving to the movie theater is going to feel like this:


Drive safely tonight, of course, but just pretend you are entering hyperspeed.

4. When you park your car and run for the line:

giphy (1)

The earlier you are…The better seats. I recommend Taco Bell for dinner while standing in line. Or order a pizza.

5. When some “sort of a Star Wars fan” get the best seats in the theater:


Rather than pulling a Mace Windu, look for next best available seating in movie theater. 

6. Discussing your fan theory before the movie and someone disagrees:


Leia always knows what to say.

7. When you are just really excited to see the cantina scene because Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the music:


This will probably be more catchy than the original, so just be prepared for it to be stuck in your head for days and maybe even become your ringtone.

8. What the person who talks too much during the movie is going to look like if they don’t stop:


Don’t be a Jar Jar guys.

9.  How you might look/feel tomorrow morning at work:


Midnight premieres are hard.

10. When you hang out with the squad afterwards and debrief on what just happened and how your life has changed for the better:


But also, if you don’t see this movie this weekend… What are you going to have to talk about at the office? Exactly.

Let us know your thoughts and reactions on the film! But remember… Don’t be a spoiler.

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