Star Wars: The Force Awakens monorail debuts at Walt Disney World

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It seems that just about everything imaginable is getting a Star Wars themed overlay. From planes to trains, to Space Mountain at Disneyland and even breakfast with a Death Star waffle maker… It’s no surprise that the Walt Disney World monorail system would join the list.

Monorail Black debuted on the express line today with a subtle overlay, showing off some love for the upcoming film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Traditionally what we’ve grown accustomed to from the monorails are fully themed wraps covering nosecone to nosecone. This time it focuses solely on the windows, offering a glimpse of the desert terrain found on the planet Jakku.


You’ll find images of tie-fighters in a mid-air battle with the Millennium Falcon, Rey’s speeder and the droid everyone is looking for, BB-8.


For a film that’s guaranteed to be a box office smash, and with passionate fans of the Star Wars universe in the tens of millions, it’s a relatively small and low impact nod to an established franchise with an immense global following. Maybe Disney will surprise us and turn monorails red, green and blue into giant lightsabers that use the colored stripe as the blade. But if not, Monorail Black will do just nicely.

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