New Epcot exhibit Colortopia opens at Innoventions East

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Colortopia presented by Glidden officially opened in Innoventions East in Epcot on Friday. With bright colors everywhere and many interactive and hands on areas, Colortopia is another hit in the Innoventions East!


While in line for this three portion experience, be sure to download the app on your smart phone that goes along with the exhibit. Simply search “Colortopia” in your app store to download. This will keep the kids busy while waiting in line for the first portion of this colorful event!


The first part of this colorful experience takes place in the “Power of Color Theater.” In a 360 degree walk in area, this area showcases how the “psychology of color works.” The narrator walks the guests through different colors and how the colors have the power to influence certain emotions. For example, red can make someone feel anger, while violet usually correlates with creativity.


The next portion is called “The Color Lab.” This area is sure to make the creative wheels start spinning, especially at the first of the two interactive stations, Spinning Spectrums. This utilizes revolving multi-colored disks to test guests’ color perception.

As the wheel spins, can you try to guess what color the disk actually is? It can be a fun game between you and your party!

The second interactive station in this portion is called Color Mix ‘n Match. This allows guests to attempt to use his or her color making skills to create the color shown in the center of the station. It is a great game for a big party to play while waiting in line for the next portion.


The last zone is called “Color Our World.” Guests are given an interactive paintbrush and can paint on interactive murals with them. Guests are even given an option to take that mural home with them when leaving the exhibit. How neat!

Overall, the Colortopia exhibit is a great conversation starter about how colors can symbolize how you feel, especially with the similar aspects of the popular movie Inside Out earlier this year. This exhibit took close to 45 minutes to fully experience.

Be sure to let us know if you check it out!

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