8 moments in Disney movies that perfectly describe how Mondays can feel

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It’s Monday morning. The alarm goes off (to which you have a habit of snoozing a few times before actually getting out of bed), but all you are thinking is…aladdin-slumberTrying to pour your morning cup of coffee can feel a lot like this…
5237ebabac45bcf242dd9a43a4d66612You might be thinking something like this when you get to work and sit through that first meeting…lion-king-scar-surrounded-by-idiotsOr maybe something more like John Smith and questioning why you aren’t in any Disney park right now having fun?!
largeBut by mid afternoon, all you know if that you definitely have to have more coffee…tumblr_inline_my3xw1Bo791ro8qpoAnd just like Alice says, until the caffeine kicks in… Your brain might have a hard time functioning. 13596426191278573473The commute home, whether by bus or subway or car, leaves you feeling and looking a lot like Captain Hook…tumblr_inline_mp4599DTdO1qz4rgpAnd finally, that wonderful moment of relief when you finally crash at the end of the day…J5wOunM

Happy Monday from Inside the Magic!

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