VIDEO: Pixar filmmakers, talent discuss new “Inside Out” short “Riley’s First Date?”

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With the Nov. 3 launch of “Inside Out” on Blu-ray and On Demand just around the corner, Pixar has made available a featurette on the all-new short “Riley’s First Date?” that will be included with the home release of the critically-acclaimed movie.

Check out how the returning voice over cast and the director reveal new details about the short, which will take place a year after the events of “Inside Out” in which a now 12-year-old Riley will be going to the local skate rink with Jordan, voiced by Ben Cox.


“Inside Out” will be released on Blu-ray and On Demand on Tuesday, Nov. 3. It has been available on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere since October 13.

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  1. Inside out is a brilliant idea and Docter deserves a nomination. I have studied the brain and colors for 27 years. Inside out applies to adults too and not just children. There are many miracles in this theory for another movie for him contact me for more about colors in the brain.

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