Van Eaton Galleries to host “Collecting Disneyland” auction with over 800 Disneyana items

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If you are a die hard Disneyana collector you won’t want to miss the upcoming Van Eaton Galleries Disney auction event.

“Collecting Disneyland” is an exhibit and auction that will feature over 800 items of Disney memorabilia from some of the finest collections around the world.

The auction will feature exclusive and historic items from both Disneyland and Walt Disney World ranging in value from hundreds of dollars to well over $100,000. The items are a feast for any Disney fans eye with a fully restored Peoplemover car, concept art, models and original cast member costumes.

The auction itself will take place on November 21st but items will be on display already Oct 29-Nov 20th.

To RSVP and view the online catalog of items up for auction, click HERE

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