The Shallow Grave returns with amped up, original scares in 2015

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Central Florida’s leading independent haunted house is back and better than ever in 2015. The Shallow Grave in Winter Haven returns strong with enhanced versions of both of its popular haunted houses.

Their original haunt, succinctly called Haunted Hills, received a facelift during the Halloween off-season, now sending guests through unexpected twists deeper into the insanity of main character Thaddeus. The result is a darker, more sinister experience that leaves even multi-year repeat visitors on edge, wondering what scares will emerge next.

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The Shallow Grave succeeds year after year at being original, using scare
tactics that seasoned haunt fans won’t see coming. To list them here would spoil the surprises entirely, so expecting the unexpected is the only way to go into this experience. Just know that there are no safe pathways in this maze.

ADHD is The Shallow Grave’s other maze, which plays off a variety of fears and phobias successfully. Even more inventive than its predecessor, ADHD successfully offers startles to even the most jaded haunt fan. And the onslaught just doesn’t end.

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The Shallow Grave is a true independent haunt, located in a middle-of-nowhere warehouse requiring parking in an unpaved field across the street. It leaves visitors wondering just what they’re getting themselves into, appropriately apprehensive. And thankfully, it always delivers on that suspense, resulting in an extremely fun evening each year.

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