Ten things that go through your mind while standing in line to meet your favorite Disney Character

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1. Excitement. You are so excited. 


You are ready. Your favorite Disney character is less than a football field away. And you are about to meet them. And take a picture with them. And post that picture to social media and share your love of that Disney character to the WORLD!!!

2. You’ve been in line for a few minutes. The hunger has set in. Snack time.



3. Nerves. The nerves have arrived.


What should you say? How should you pose? Should you ASK them to teach you the pose that they do? Or should you be confident and strike that pose because you know in your heart that you have practiced it so many times before? Yes. Confidence. It is always the answer.

4. **Trying to remain calm as you move forward in line**


5. Ahhhh. But seriously. Should you post to Facebook or Instagram first? You ask your friends.


6. Primping time. How is your makeup? Are your Mickey Mouse ears even? 


7. Or maybe you should be practicing your smolder? Would Flynn approve?


8. Ahhh. But maybe now you should just smile. 


Smiling is always good. You don’t HAVE to pose. Smiling is you saying “I’m playing it cool. Even if I have butterflies in my stomach. And a frog in my throat. And have no idea what I am going to say or if I will even be able to speak.”

9. Nope. You are going to pose. It’s okay. Your favorite character will think you are their long lost BFF. Omg. You are NEXT in line. So close. So close. They are RIGHT there.

10. Bliss. Pure bliss. Yep. You did it. You conquered the line. The nerves. The pose. You played it cool. 


Now, you think to yourself, “Which character is next?”




  1. Drake

    11. Two hours in line for all of twenty seconds with the character. Sigh, I could have gone on at least three rides during that time.

  2. Tam

    Hey. If I wanted to read Buzzfeed, I’d read Buzzfeed.

    You’re already kind of lame without even trying. Please don’t push it.

  3. Todd

    The things that comes to my mind while I wait in the short character lines at WDW that take up to 60 minutes (not counting Elsa and Anna, who have been know for 12-hour lines) are why does it take so long for such a short line, and why do the characters seems to spend 10 minutes with each person before me but then seem to send us on our way after 30 seconds. At Disneyland, character lines that are 4 times as long take 1/10th of the time as at WDW. One of the other things in my mind is why the huge difference. What are the guests and characters doing differently.

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